5 Easy Workouts To Do at Home during Busy Life in Costa Rica

Short on time? Busy at work? Too lazy to go to gym? Have no equipment at home for workout?

If yes, then these are some no equipment workout you can do at home while having busy life.

1. Bodyweight Squats: Bodyweight Squat is a lower body strengthening workout that can be done anywhere without needed any kind of equipment and much of space. It is a highly functional exercise that provide movement to your whole leg area.

Benefits: Build muscle, increased strength, improved hip mobility, fat burning

Team of Creasala Coworking Café has found this video for you to learn about how to do bodyweight squats right.

2. Pushups: Exercising is one way to keep yourself fit and healthy, and to let go frustration. If you want to move many parts of your body then Pushups is on the top of the list. It is one of those exercises both men and women can perform with the high benefits beyond strength and movement. This video explains so easy about how to do pushups in a right way to gain most out them.

Benefits: Provides major strength to upper body, prevent shoulder and neck pain, corrects body posture, increases testosterone levels, promotes cardiovascular health.

3. Hip Raise: Also known as the workout that moves your belly, but and hip. Abdominal Hip Raise is a great exercise to bring into move the upper legs and hip joints. This improves flexibility to perform physical activities and normal daily functions with ease. Good deal, right? And the cherry on the top is that it is not a rocket science when it comes to perform this exercise. The exercise also improves core strength, balance and is a powerful body weight exercise that can be done just about anywhere. Check out in this video how to do it like a pro.

Benefits: Improves core strength, burn extra fat and calories from your belly, butt and hip.

4. Side Planks: To be honest, I am not a big fan of side planks. But sometimes the boring or the things you are not fan of actually benefit you most. So let us not be lazy and start doing side planks beginning today. Now, NO fancy equipment required, not time consuming, what else do you need? Benefits: Increases core strength, improves balance, strengthens arms and wrists, enhances concentration

5. Planks: You might be wondering that first side planks and now planks. Trust me this works and it doesn’t take much time. Happy happy! Planks is one of those classic exercises that will never go out of fashion; that if you do every day, you will be proud of yourself. This guy will make your life easier by explaining how to benefit most out of planks.

Benefits: Strengthens core, decreases risk of injury in back and spinal column, boost in overall metabolism

-Mohit Sharma

Co-Fundador Creasala Coworking

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