Biggest Mistake Entrepreneurs in Costa Rica Should Avoid

Let me cut the crap and come to the point for the good of all our startups in Costa Rica.

Not following the Lean startup methodology is the biggest mistake a startup in Costa Rica (or in any other part of the world) can make.

The key to succeed in Costa Rica as a startup is to keep experimenting, don’t get over-excited, and grow fast by doing pre-sales before the product is ready. OR fail fast because the product was never good enough.

Every big guy in the game; you name it; facebook, instagram, apple, google, groupon, tech crunch, i can go on and on. All succeeded because they took Lean Startup methodology as their highest priority while growing. So watch out startups in Costa Rica.

Being lean means creating an MVP, selling early, tapping the market by repeatedly trying; and then stay lean until that formula is a hit. It also reduces high chances of failure as staying lean means burning less cash; which means staying in the game for longer.

Did you know it took Netflix 10 years before they got into streaming online? And even when they did in 2007, it took them a few more years before they took off and got a hit. Trying and trying to get it right, and once they did they became a USD 75bn company damn quick. It may seem like overnight success but they have been there doing what they do best. All you startups in Costa Rica, stick to the game and stay lean to see many of you making headlines overnight.

We mostly hear the explosive periods of a startup. The lean times generally don’t make the headlines. Sad but true!

To build a great product, service, or a tech, startups in Costa Rica need an iterative lean period. Where all they need to do is to be focused, spend less, earn more, and be a hero one day.

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-Mohit Sharma

Co-Fundador Creasala Coworking

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