Difference between a Businessman and an Entrepreneur

Like me, you might have wondered the difference between a Businessman and an Entrepreneur. Don’t think you are dumb. That’s completely normal.

But have you found the answer yet? If not, let me make a quick explanation.

A Businessman is someone who buys something at a cheaper price and sells it for some amount of profit. Good deal, right? But a businessman is not a creative person and he/she may finds it highly difficult to come up with new ideas. A businessman is someone who follows the set “tactics” and “trends” to do business and make money.

What different an Entrepreneur does? He/She is someone who can create something out of nothing. Yes, that’s the major difference. An entrepreneur doesn’t need to follow the old age “tactics” to do business. He/She finds the problem and then the required solution (not forced). A person who doesn’t give a shit about society but the community and the impact. A person who can create a startup from trash and take it to the sky. A person who is never afraid to take risks (very smartly calculated). An Entrepreneur is creative and unique.

It might sound like both are same but there is a huge difference between the two.

A Businessman is a businessman.

An Entrepreneur is a business, man.

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-Mohit Sharma

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