How Entrepreneurs think Differently than Non-Entrepreneurs?

A normal person walks into the coffee shop, orders it, grabs it and while sipping, thinks how good the coffee is. An entrepreneur thinks differently.

You will relate to this if you are an entrepreneur. I am pretty sure you do this very often. Or maybe every single time.

If you are an entrepreneur it is highly likely that you walk into a coffee shop, you count the number of seats in the coffee shop. Followed by the number of customers at the moment, the hour of the day. You estimate the revenue being generate at that hour, multiply it by the factor of around 10-15 (could be more or less depending on where you are) to get the day’s revenue. An entrepreneur then multiplies it by 6 and then to 50 to get weekly and annual revenues. You see, you are an entrepreneur; and you think differently than non-entrepreneurs.

But wait; that’s not it. I know that you then count the number of staff, the cost for having them, the rent, and various other costs. All this to find out an estimate of the profit that the coffee shop might be making.

And if that estimated profit looks charming to you, you will spend some thoughts about starting a better coffee shop nearby. Ofcourse giving better service and coffee, and stealing their market.

What a wicked brain you have. Share this if you are an entrepreneur and if you think like one. BTW, visit Creasala Coworking Cafe to do this practice maybe?

-Mohit Sharma

Co-Fundador Creasala Coworking

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