5 Simple Productivity Tips for Organizing Work Life

Have you been thinking of how to attain higher productivity at work so that you can get more time for yourself and your family? Allow me to give some quick productivity tips.

Productivity is all about doing more with less, and faster. Moreover, in nowadays work environment which demands to be available anywhere anytime, it is highly important to be organized and get shit done faster. Being organized will lead to productivity.

1. No emails and social media in the morning.

Go through the emails and your social media at the night before. Send away the quick responses. Save to the calendar the bigger tasks and delete all the informational or not important stuff. This will help you to save thosefirst 60 minutes of your morning to spend by being yourself.

2. Utilize the commute time

Traffic sucks, right? It puts to waste our every morning. But why not to utilize that time on road to communicate and coordinate tasks to your team? Instead of scrolling through social media we couldroll-up our sleeves and get shit going already. This way by the time you arrive to your office you will already have the picture of your whole day. One of the best productivity tips, right?

3. Cut short the meeting duration.

Reduce all your meeting timesby at least 25%and actually use that time to complete tasks or even take a small break. Trust me, this helps. For example: If you cut short 1 meeting of 1 hour to 45 minutes (of 4 persons), you will gain at least 24 hours of work in a month. OR 6 hours of rest per person. Which keeps you fresh.


Running from one meeting to another or moving from one task to another back to back doesn’t make sense other than making you tired and less productive.Breaks help! Give yourself at least 7 minutes of break between meetings. When I say breaks, I mean just have your own time. If your work allows try to take 15-20 minutes of power nap after lunch.

5. Turn off mobile and desktop notifications.

Have you ever been pulled by social media for 2 minutes in the middle of the work and when you noticed it was already 20 minutes? Then BLOCK those pop-up notifications on your every device if its not helping to be more productive. For some people it could be difficult, but it will change your life.

-Mohit Sharma

Co-Fundador Creasala Coworking

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