Stop Trying to be an Entrepreneur

Being entrepreneur is NOT cool!

I have been reading, listening, looking at pictures on instagram, videos on youtube, talking to people about entrepreneurship. About how rich these entrepreneurs are. About how they live their lives their own way.

And what about non-entrepreneurs? Don’t they live their lives their own way? Yes they do!

Being entrepreneur is not for everyone. Not many people like the unsuitability in their lives. They do not want to have stress of looking for job every 2-3 years (because not every startup makes it). Hopping on from one coworking space to another is not their cup of tea; sorry, coffee (afterall we are in Costa Rica). They can be productive while working from their cubicle. BTW, did you know that there seem to be something special about coworking in Costa Rica?

Many people are completely comfortable of not being an entrepreneur. They love the security of their monthly paycheck and they love doing what they do to earn it.

Shaming on this non-entrepreneur group doesn’t do any good. It doesn’t help them. They may have loans to pay and having a regular paycheck helps. So, if you are running a startup, and hiring; make sure to convey what they are getting into.

If you are being entrepreneur only to get rich, remember that it might not be the right path. You can only get rich if you have ego, something to prove to someone, and determination. Investment banking could be the right thing to do to get rich. I wish haha!

So, let us stop being entrepreneur. Let us just pause, breath and accept that not being an entrepreneur in this modern era is OKAY.

Do you know that startups have emotions?

-Mohit Sharma

Co-Fundador Creasala Coworking

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