How Traveling Makes You Better Entrepreneur

Before you dismiss the blog post, allow me to share how travel can contribute to become a successful entrepreneur (I will use my travel stories in able to be more practical). Here are a few examples:

Improved Communication.

I come from India where I have majorly spoken Hindi and English. Being in Costa Rica gives me an opportunity to learn Spanish and at the same time challenges me to be a good communicator. I am not saying that I am wonderful at Spanish but I am good enough to pass the examen teórico de manejo.

The point is, being in a different country puts you into a situation where in able to survive you have to learn to communicate simple and clear enough to the people necessary. Exactly is the case to become a better entrepreneur. You need skills to communicate right in short and simple message.

Here I was at Nevado de Toluca, Mexico, I used my communication skills to score free food.

To Be Spontaneous and Pivot Easy.

In June 2015 I rented a 2 bedroom apartment in New Delhi planning to live there for at least 2 years. I bought everything that I could in able to make an apartment a home. And In the last week of August 2015 I sold everything that I owned because I had no other choice than moving to Costa Rica. Though at that time I didn’t know that I will be writing this blog post for Creasala Coworking Café in Barrio Escalante.

In order to travel one has to let go all the extra stuff and carry what’s important. For that, one needs to be spontaneous to make decisions and go easy. This teaches you to be spontaneous entrepreneur and how to make those sudden decisions to steer you into right direction.

You have many paths, but you need to make the right choice.

Spend Smart.

While traveling I have always looked for options where I can feed myself on budget. I compare the prices and quality of even a taco (I remember this from my recent travel to Mexico).

Before doing a spending I always ask myself three questions.

  1. Can I do without spending on this?

  2. Is there a better option?

  3. Is the experience worth?

Being an entrepreneur puts you into this situation every single day. You need to do smart spending in order to sustain in business. You need to calculate the ROI (Return On Investment) to see the value of every spending you make.

I have hell lot of other examples to share, but I respect your time and think for now this will do. Let me know in the comments if you would like me to write about something. And be a better entrepreneur.

-Mohit Sharma

Co-Fundador Creasala Coworking

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